Kensworth Nature Reserve

This exposure was retained during an early phase of the ongoing restoration of the enormous Kensworth Chalk Pit. The aim was to create a safe and accessible site where at least some of the features periodically exposed in the working quarry could be examined routinely. The area around the preserved face has been designated a Nature Reserve and it includes re-created calcareous grassland and woodland habitats.

Exposed at the site is a section from the upper part of the Upper Turonian Lewes Nodular Chalk Formation into the Lower Coniacian Top Rock. It is possible to see three small faults with minor displacement, a large solution hollow with an infill of rubbly chalk and large flint nodules, and smaller solution pipes near the top of the exposure filled with red-brown Clay-with-flints. The Reed (Caburn) Marl occurs in the lower part of the succession at the northern end of the face, whilst the Chalk Rock hardground is exposed about half way up the face at the southern end.

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