Local Sites

Recognising that there is much more to our geological heritage than is captured in the nationally recognised Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), we have identified additional sites that are of local significance. These are called Local Geological Sites (LGS) and they are selected primarily for their scientific and educational importance. They may also have considerable aesthetic value, as is the case with the chalk downlands. By bringing them to the attention of the public we aim to promote an awareness and interest in Bedfordshire’s geological heritage.

Recording sedimentary structures, Stone Lane Quarry

Recording sedimentary structures
Stone Lane Quarry

We identify, evaluate and designate sites across the county, particularly in areas that are accessible to the public. Whilst Local Geological Sites do not enjoy the same level of statutory protection afforded to SSSIs, they are recognised by Local Authorities, the Forestry Commission and by Natural England (the statutory nature conservation body of England). The network of sites is also used to inform planning policy, with the intention that they will be protected for the benefit of future generations.

Current sites include working and disused quarries, ancient stone monuments and major landforms such as chalk downland and lowland river valleys. Click on the site number on the map, or the site name in the keys, to find out about the important sites in Bedfordshire. You will find an explanation and key to the bedrock map in the Maps section of this website.

Bedfordshire LGS map Barton Hills Bromham Bridge Broom Quarry Cainhoe Quarry Chamberlain's Barn Quarry Churchway's Quarry Deepdale Quarry Dunstable and Whipsnade Downs Kensworth Nature Reserve Ledburn Quarry Munday's Hill Quarry New Trees Quarry Ouzel Valley Quest Pit, Stewartby River Ivel, Biggleswade Sandy, The Pinnacle Recreation Ground Sandy Warren, The Lodge Quarry Scout Hut Quarry, Potton Smithcombe, Sharpenhoe and Sundon Hills Stockgrove Country Park Biddenham Pit Double Arches Pit Kensworth Chalk Pit Nine Acres Pit Totternhoe Stone Pit

Key to LGSs:

  1. Barton Hills
  2. Bromham Bridge
  3. Broom Quarry
  4. Cainhoe Quarry
  5. Chamberlain's Barn Quarry
  6. Churchway's Quarry
  7. Deepdale Quarry
  8. Dunstable and Whipsnade Downs
  9. Kensworth Nature Reserve
  10. Ledburn Quarry
  11. Munday's Hill Quarry
  12. New Trees Quarry
  13. Ouzel Valley
  14. Quest Pit, Stewartby
  15. River Ivel, Biggleswade
  16. Sandy, The Pinnacle Recreation Ground
  17. Sandy Warren, The Lodge Quarry
  18. Scout Hut Quarry, Potton
  19. Smithcombe, Sharpenhoe and Sundon Hills
  20. Stockgrove Country Park

Key to Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs):

  1. Biddenham Pit
  2. Double Arches Pit
  3. Kensworth Chalk Pit
  4. Nine Acres Pit
  5. Totternhoe Stone Pit

Please note that the links for the SSSIs go directly to the Natural England website pages for those sites.